Slimline Power Banks – Your Perfect Promotional Travel Item

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1 year ago

Power bank chargers are an increasingly popular promotional product. The reasons for the increase in popularity could include:

  1. Our phone and laptop devices are in use a lot more than in the past so extra power is required throughout the day.
  2. There are now various styles, shapes and colours of power bank so there is something to suit everybody.
  3. There is a large print area on some power banks so businesses can add their branding to them and create awareness about their company whenever the charger is used.

Our Slimline power bank range is very sleek and sophisticated. They can be ordered in quantities of 250 or more and make for a luxurious giveaway at exhibitions and event or, as a gift to your loyal customers.

Other reasons to invest in a promotional slim line power bank are:

To look at our full power bank range, head over to the Branded Power Bank webpage or email us at with your enquiry.

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