Promotional Chocolate Boxes – Their Delicious History

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24 days ago

Promotional chocolates are a firm favourite branded item to giveaway as gifts to potential customers and employees. They are great for brand awareness and leave a delicious taste too. Our promotional chocolate boxes are an attractive gift to present to your customers and employees alike. There are many occasions where this would make an ideal promotional gift, including:

When was the chocolate box invented?

The original chocolate box was invented by Richard Cadbury (from the famous Cadbury chocolate business) in 1861. Richard Cadbury devised the idea to sell their ‘fancy chocolates,’ which today we call assortments, in decorative little boxes. Every box of chocolates had a small picture on the front, made so children could cut them out and keep them.

The chocolate boxes were works of art, and highly appreciated by the people in Victorian times. Not only were the boxes suitable for chocolates, but they could also be used to store small items, such as buttons and needle and thread once the chocolates were gone.

What can a promotional chocolate box do for your business?

A promotional chocolate box with your business branding printed onto the box can increase the awareness of your company. Having these as gifts given out to potential customers can help people to remember you. A bespoke and well decorated chocolate box is a unique item to receive spontaneously so it should make people remember you, they might even look up your business online and learn more about what you do and your products or services.

Here are a selection of bmt Promotions chocolate boxes suitable for the upcoming Easter holiday and other occasions:

For further information on any of our promotional chocolate boxes, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01933 409489, email or head to the website.

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